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Apple iWatch – Get to know it

June 23, 2015

Today wearable technology has become new trend for tech lovers. No one has doubt about Apple’s ability to come up with most stylish and high performance gadgets. Like iPod, iPad and Mac, Apple became pioneer in wearable technology with presentation of Apple iWatch.

apple watch

Apple iWatch is the smartest digital watch at present. Tech maniacs were so anxious to use this device, even they preordered iwatches before its launch. Well like other Apple devices, Apple iWatch is bit expensive than its competitors. But to be honest this smart watch has come up with most exciting and great tech features to justify its price.

Check below some premium features of Apple iWatch for your guidance.

Calls and Texts:

Designers at Apple have this thing to come up with most innovative ideas to fill the gap. With Apple iWatch, now people have option to communicate without phone. This smart watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and beyond models.

Text Analysis:

iWatch is so smart that it can analyze texts received. Interestingly, it provides quick replies based on content of received texts.

Walkie Talkie:

With the help of iWatch’s microphone, anyone can send quick voice messages to others. How convenient is that!

Heartbeat Sensors:

Well this is my favorite feature in iWatch. iWatch have custom heart beat sensor at back. Anyone can check his heart beat any time with this smart watch. Not only you can measure heartbeat, you can also send it to other people. This feature helps people a lot who are suffering from heart diseases.


iWatch keeps the record of your whole body activity. Like it counts your steps and counts the calories have been burned. This is awesome feature which helps you keep yourself fit.

iTunes and Apple TV:

There is no Apple device without entertainment. Apple has this tradition of providing best quality entertainment whether its music or TV. So with Apple iWatch, you can access your iTunes Library. You can listen to your favorite songs any time through this smart watch. You can pause, play or skip any song you want to. iWatch also provides option to lower or raise the volume. You can also have access to Apple TV to watch your favorite shows and movies.


One of the interesting things about Apple devices is Siri. I must say Siri is most intelligent digital guide! Yeah you can have Siri on your iWatch too. You can take Siri’s help in dictating or guiding.