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Facetime App Alternatives for Video Calling in iPhones

July 18, 2015

Off late, there seems to be some issues with Facetime after the iOS 6 update. iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users can use the app even on cellular data; but some of the providers cause a number of restrictions and conditions which don’t seem to work out well. Using Facetime, even on Wi-Fi has caused a number of issues to the iPhone users. There are a few ways through which the issue can be sorted, but you can go for alternatives to Facetime as well! Just as in Facetime, the person you wish to have a video call with needs to have the app!

So, let us all have a look at a list of 5 alternatives you can go for your Apple iPhone, instead of Facetime and the problems that tag along! However, if you are happy with Facetime and wanna download Facetime on PC then you can surely do that too. However, now is the time to look at the best 5 options available to the Apple iPhone users to enjoy high quality video calling experience without even  installing Facetime app on their phones.

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Top 5 Alternative Apps of Facetime for iPhones

  1. Skype:

Video calling means a Skype call to most of the people. For all the Android users, Skype is the ultimate application for video calling. However, there was a time when Skype seemed to be slow and very unresponsive on iPhones and iPads. Now, the picture has changed, and improved too.

In today’s date, Skype is the best and top rated among all video calling applications. The app lets you make video calls with Smartphones and laptops as well!

  1. Tango:

The application is not as skeptic as the name, don’t worry! This is indeed one of the best video calling applications which you can possibly ever use. The streaming, the quality, everything is perfect. Along with video calls which you can have with all your friends and family on the same app, you can send messages as well!

  1. Yahoo Messenger:

Everybody started off their social networking with this one application, isn’t it? It ahs been the favorite ever since! It was not only the first app to be usable on the desktop, but also the first to come up with the very feature of video calling.

So, when Yahoo is on an iPhone or iPad, it has to be a cool one! All you need is a yahoo account and the person on your friend list.

  1. Fring:

The application us basically meant for group chats and messaging, along with group video calls as well. However, the personal video calls are no less in any way!

  1. Google Hangout:

This one is from the Google+ application on the Smartphones and iOS. The issue with the application is the slow connectivity and the fact that the app goes down for quite a while; the good side to this is that this one is an app where video calls happen like a boss! With updates and fixes, the app and Google+ both seem to only evolve with time.

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So these were the best of 5 alternatives for Facetime on your Apple devices! Happy Video Calling!