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How to track workouts/runs with Apple Watch? (No use of GPS or iPhone)

May 31, 2015

Fitness is not about running a mile or working out in the gym for a long stretch. It’s about being active the entire day. Apple offers a watch which helps in tracking the daily activities and the workout routine. The Apple Watch is embedded with tools that keeps records and help you reach the desired goals with the help of applications. The Apple Watch has motion sensors which as long as on your wrist will track your every single moment and keeps you informed.

apple watch

To begin the monitoring follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. In the application of Apple Watch open Activity app.
  1. Swift left on the screen. Tap ‘Get Started’ on ‘Move, Exercise or Stand’
  1. After you fill all your personal details required by the application turn the digital crown.
  1. After pressing continue tap on start moving. Now each data will be tracked on the activity ring.

How to track runs and workout using the Apple Watch?

To track your workout you can activate the Workout application. How to get started? Open the workout application and select the workout you wish to do which includes running cycling and much more. According to your preference Apple Watch will list them up according to highest priority. You need to swipe to select calories time and distance goals.  Turn on the digital crown and click to start when you are ready to work out.

In case due to some reason you have to pause your workout, then firmly press on the screen and all the tracking will be ceased. You can then resume or end the activity. Once the activity ends you can turn the digital crown to see the result of your workout. You can either press on ‘save’ to save your results or to ‘discard’ to delete the records of the current workout. You can even reschedule it according to your convince.

You can see your progress by having a glance at the activity application. You can tap on the activity to see the progress of a particular activity or you can see it in the form of a graph by turning on the digital crown. Each Monday depended upon your last week activities Apple Watch will update new goals. However, you can manually change them according to your will.

If you have been just planning your workout and lacking motivation, the Apple Watch might do the trick. In order to keep you moving and get healthy Apple Watch will help you to be on track. With Activity App on Apple Watch you get to know your progress and be able to set your goals it ensure to keep you motivated to reach your desired goals and stay healthy.