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iOS 9 – What new you can see this time?

June 23, 2015

Finally Apple announced features of most awaited iOS 9 at WWDC 2015. Right now around 83% iPhone users are using iOS 8. But Apple never quits and settles upon something average. So with iOS 9 they have raised their level of intelligence but keeping high level of privacy.


Check below some awesome new features of iOS 9.

  • Siri: Siri is the true symbol of intelligence. No digital guide can replace Siri. According to Apple, Siri serves more than billion requests with 5% word error only. But Siri in iOS 9 is smarter than before. With the help of Siri in iOS 9, you can set reminders and set Siri to manage your apps. Interesting new feature about Siri is that it can give you suggestions to do things based on your data usage. It can analyze weather, data usage, context of email and texts, contact and location, as a result it will suggest some awesome things you can do in your surroundings.
  • API For Search: API for search helps a user by looking in content behind apps. This happens when user performs any query. API for search is very powerful thing as it comes up with deep links. Google is also considering applying same ideas, but it seems Apple is pioneer here.
  • News: News app is another new feature that attracts attention of thousands of people. Apple explained in detail about great user experience of news on News App. User can read best news articles in Apple’s native format. User don’t have to worry about from where content is coming. For more simplification, Apple News App is visual RSS reader. Publishers are working with Apple, as they don’t want this amazing advertising opportunity. In start this app will be available to use in USA, UK and Australia only.
  • TrackPad: This is real treat of iPad users. Above keyboard on iPad, one can have trackpad by putting two fingers. How amazing is that cursor really works with this trackpad.
  • Transit in Maps: With iOS 9, users can find public transits on Maps. In 2012, Apple stopped using Google Maps and presented their own Map software. With new Map app in iOS 9, one can find about public transits like bus, ferry, subway and train routes. Initially, this app will cover cities of New York, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco and Washington D.C.