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Top 5 Showbox App Alternatives that You Can Bet On

November 10, 2015

ShowBox is an application which lets you watch movies and TV shows for free. With a simple and easy to user interface, everything is available at your clicks. It is one application which has become the talk of the online movie world. Once you have ShowBox app, you will not want to go to another application for use of movies and TV shows. In fact we can also use Showbox for PC and Mac devices absolutely free of cost just like FaceTime.

showbox app alternatives

However, there are times when the app goes off and you fail to watch your favourite shows and movies at the desired time and moment. Hence, for all the times you find nothing seems to work out; you can switch to the showbox app alternatives given below:

5 Best Showbox App Alternatives: Complete List

Playbox HD app

This is yet again a super easy to use application and lets you play movies and TV shows at one place all together. With HD streaming, you know you have the perfect ShowBox alternative. With updates coming up frequently, you will never find yourself wondering what to watch. Out of all the movies and shows, you will always find something or some things which are meant only for you.


When you see people using applications and when you know 25 million people are using it, Crackle is an application which you will fall in love with. Content is updates every once in a while and you can watch and enjoy movies at any place and any time.

Hulu App

Yet again, Hulu us an application which is kept up to date at any given time and movies and shows are found really soon; almost as soon as the shows are aired.

  • Movies and shows are free and easily available.
  • The app works in perfect sync with Chromecast.
  • Content is updated from time to time.
  • You can make watch lists for your late times.

Hubi Streaming app

There are times when you cannot seem to work up anything and for all such times, Hubi streaming app comes to your rescue. Choose the media you want to make the movie play, share links with friends and the rest. The app basically is a base for all the links containing the movies actually.

Flipps HD

A nifty app where you can watch movies on the TV too. Well, technology as taken us so far, practically anything and everything is possible and workable. It might get a little slow at times, but while it works, the quality is perfectly fine.

Wrap up
Now, for all the times you seem to be unable to work out ShowBox, you can switch to the apps stated above. Hopefully now your search for Showbox App Alternatives will stop thanks to our effort with this article.