Complete Guide For Viber For PC

June 23, 2015

Viber and Skype are the most competitive apps. When Skype announced its association with Windows, Viber released its PC version as counter punch. Users can use Viber both on PCs and Macbooks. At the same time company released updated Viber version on Android and iOS apps for better user experience.

viber logos

Well we know Skype is great software for online video chatting but first check Viber before giving any verdict. Viber is pretty strong competitor to make Skype little worry.


Like mobile version, it is very easy to install Viber on PC. If you current Viber user on mobile version, then it will be easiest to use Viber on PC. Once downloaded and installed Viber setup on PC, just open the interface. If you are current Viber user, then add your phone number. Viber will sent you activation code on phone number, next enter code in interface on PC and your contacts will appear on PC Viber version.

Installation on mobile is necessary for installing app on PC. Otherwise it is not gonna run on PC. Because Viber is a smartphone app. Once installation is complete, you can make video calls, send text messages and photos. With Viber 3.0 users can transfer calls from PC to mobile easily.

Performance Review:

Call quality on Viber always has been really good. Video call is also doing great on PC version. Some people complaint about dropping image quality of audio quality may be because of weal internet signals. In short, its quality is not better than Skype. Both apps provide almost same performance for video calls.

Well to be honest, PC version heavily relies on mobile version. PC version cannot run without mobile activation. You cannot add new contact with desktop version. Only those contacts will be added which are present on smartphone version. Only those things or data will show up in PC version of Viber which are connected to mobile version.

With Viber one can call to other Viber users, even with mobile version one can route calls through mobile’s network.

The bottom line is that Viber is very effective but with limited features. It seems that gaps of PC video chat app have been filled by its rivals like Skype and Google Talk. The only unique feature presented by Viber is its ability to transfer calls from PC to smartphone. So you can try Viber for change but for better performance I guess rivals are best.