Vidmate features unraveled

April 21, 2016

Vidmate has a plethora of features. There’s so much this bite sized app can do for you, and many a times, people just walk past them all unaware of all the awesomeness contained in it. Well, enough with the ignorance! I’m going to tell you the least known features the app has, so they never go unnoticed again.

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  1. Single Touch Updating:
    Don’t you hate it when your device’s apps become out of date and you begin to miss out on awesome features without even knowing? Well, Vidmate has a solution. In the menu on the left, accessible via the button on top left corner of the home screen, you can check for updates. Click the “Check Update” option and the app will look for higher versions of apk on the internet too. It is super quick too!
  2. History browsing:
    A lot of times, I start browsing for good video or audio content but I have to leave midway. I end up forgetting about where I found a really good video that I wanted to watch. Ordinarily, there wouldn’t be an option to find it out on a normal video downloading app. But Vidmate is different. Go to the menu on the left, and you can browse your history. Easy!
  3. Location modification:
    Want a video but it doesn’t seem to be available in your location? Want to browse content popular in another country? Vidmate has you covered, bro! Going to the Settings via the top left menu lets you change your location. This also proves beneficial in finding local download sites. Best option of the lot, in my opinion.

These are just few options that I like. There are a lot more great features that often go unnoticed. Maybe in a later post?